Faith and feelings are things we do not see but by our expressions and our labors. The faith God has chosen is the belief in His Son Jesus to be our remedy for the sins of all who believe in Him. This dividing line of faith is what God uses to separate the believers in Christ Jesus and those who do not believe.  We do not see God physically but we live in a environment of His effected presents through faith.  All things being created by faith in words. NOTHING would be made without communications of thought and encouragement by faith.  Everyday the same scenario of the Garden of Eden presents it’s self by what occurred between God and man. To this very day God has remained hidden from His creation as if He was never here. Yet we who believe the report of the prophets know God is with us and see’s our own troubles in life. Our world and universe is a mysterious place that God has given mankind to share and explore by His faith.  By Gods faith we are allowed to subdue everything living on the earth, which mankind has done.  The history given to Moses by God in faith through divine inspiration to the mind of Moses. Moses was then able to write what God prepared for Him about mankind’s beginning in the world. God prepared Moses for this through faith, Moses could not see God but rather saw a burning bush and knew this was God speaking to Him. Faith brought revelation to Moses and He believed God. This conscience revelation of faith must be achieved by all who believe. Not that we speak with God but rather we listen to Him through the scriptures and ministry. Faith is tender, precious and secret between the believer and God.  Faith must not be quenched or made to stumble but rather nurtured in love for the day when the Lord calls. No man should be called by man to do the Lord’s service, this is a gift from God.  Who can place a degree on knowing God?