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Bible scriptures on Salvation in Jesus Christ

Understanding your condition before God brings you closer to Gods salvation and love. His blessing is waiting for you, believe today.

Bible verses on Salvation in Jesus Christ the Son of God.

via Bible scriptures on Salvation in Jesus Christ.


How Do You Know God Exists?

The Bible is the chosen method of God to record what has transpired since creation. Israel was the chosen people of whom God gave this message to. The careful writings of Moses and all major and minor prophets were compiled into the Bible we have now. No where else must man search to find out what God has done and said. He is the same yesterday, today and forever. Faith is the requirement towards salvation in Jesus. God has chosen faith above all things for mankind. I ask everyone who finds my blog to search their own hearts and minds. Ask Jesus to reveal himself in the scriptures so you may believe and become saved from damnation.

How Do You Know God Exists?.